Expert Travel Tips for Thanksgiving 2022

All you need to know before your take on the skies for this year’s holiday travel – from your travel experts!

Millions of people will travel this holiday week, so we put together these few tips to help you get through your travels like a pro!
The key thing about traveling is that you make a plan, make sure you pack everything you need and be ready to adapt to any changes that come your way.

Make a Plan
1. Before you get ready to pack, make sure you know what you are going to need. Make a packing list of all the clothes, toiletries, chargers, gifts and everything that you will need to take with you.
2. Organize all your travel documents, reservations and id.

Pack Things Right

  1. Check your destination weather, and so you can pack accordingly.
  2. Figure out your outfits. One thing I do is create an outfit per day, so I do not have to decide what I am going to wear each day. This also helps you with overpacking.
  3. Pack extra undergarments, socks and tshirts.
  4. Don’t forget your shoes. I try to pick a couple of pair of shoes that will go with all the outfits I planned.
  5. Take a rain jacket. Even if you know it may not rain, you never know. A light rain jacket can also be your a nice light weight coat.
  6. Try to pack everything into your carryon and your “personal” item (a backpack). I try to avoid checking in a bag, as it adds an extra hour every time you travel (20 minutes to check a bag in and an average of 40 minutes to get your bag when you land)
  7. Don’t forget your toiletries. And pack all your liquids in a quart-sized bag… remember 3-1-1…or check out the TSA’s guidelines

Get to the airport early

  1. For domestic flights, I suggest getting at the airport no later than 2 hours before… during the busy season.  Traffic will be crazy, parking will be tight and everyone will be in a rush
  2. For international flights… 3 hours.  Trust me.
  3. Check your flight before you leave the house… log on to your airline’s website or Google your flight number and airline name
  4. If you are driving, see if you can reserve a parking spot…because everyone will be trying to find a parking spot
  5. Try to Uber or take a Lyft, or get a friend to drive you there
  6. Download the MyTSA app.  It has all the wait times for security lines at major airports.

If things do not go right

  1. Take a deep breath…no matter what
  2. If your flight is delayed, just check for time changes on your phone.  Use the airline’s app or log on to their website.  Don’t call them just yet, as everyone else may be calling in and your wait times could be longer than your delay.
  3. If your flight is cancelled, find the nearest customer service desk and stand in line.  At the same time, call the airline, and see if you can get your flight rebooked or changed.  Most airlines have additional options or will be able to put you on another airline through a code-share/interline agreement.  Some of them do not, including Southwest Airlines.  Just be patient and look for a good alternative.

Have a great Thanksgiving and a fantastic flight.

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