Flying with kids

If your parents and you flown with kids before you know you have to get ready much differently than if you were to travel by yourself or with another adult.

From toddlers to teenagers there’s always something special about flying with your children. It may be their first flight ever, their first trip to Disney or just an exciting trek across the world – each trip with your kids is an experience.

Flying with infants

Key Tips to Remember

If you are flying with the baby or that little kid who is just starting to walk, get ready.  Children under 2 years of age can travel as a lap child with an adult.  This can save you a bundle, but remember that if the flight is full, they will be on your lap the entire voyage.  

Make sure that you’re bringing extra diapers, formula, snacks, an extra change of clothes and toys.  Bring something to keep your little one occupied all the time.

Because of the changing of the pressure in the cabin here’s one trick that worked for my wife and I all the time. If they are still on a bottle, have one ready before take-off and give it to your little one as your are taxing for takeoff. This will help with ears popping and will keep your little precious bundle occupied as the plane goes up to 30,000 feet. And hopefully, with a full tummy, they will go right to sleep.  Same thing for landing. Get that bottle ready and feed her just as you start dissent   

You will get dirty looks from frequent flyers.  Especially those who are not parents yet (or just angry at the world.)  My suggestion as someone who flies all the time…don’t let it bother you.  The calmer you are, and the more you smile at your kiddo, the better it will be… trust me.  

Flying with toddlers and big kids

Just like infants, toddlers have their own challenge. They actually want to do more are super excited and may even tell you how excited they are all the time. My two kids love to fly, and they have become semi-pros.  To keep them occupied, we fill our iPad with movies, bring a kid-safe over-the-ear headset for each, an audio splitter, charger and a back-up battery.  It may get a little heavy, but it is worth it.

Make sure you have something that they love like their little lovey or perhaps a game.  When they get tired of the iPad, they will want to play with something familiar or new.  We always get them a new tub of Pay-Doh and a small new toy (a Hotweeks or a new inexpensive Barbie.)

Also make sure you have food for them.  Cranky hungry kids on a plane are no fun for anyone.

Flying with PreTeens and Teenagers

Get them a book, an electronic device full of movies and music and their space.  

Tips for kids and parents

  • Stay hydrated.  Bring water bottle, fill it up after you get through security and drink throughout the trip.  
  • Snacks. Pack a sandwich, whole fruit like apple or banana, and some dry snacks.  You will eat healthy and you won’t spend an extra buck on overpriced food at the airport on inflight.
  • Don’t forget your charger, and bring a spare.  You never know when your phone may run out of battery or when your trusty cord may fail.  Think of investing on a back-up battery also.
  • And last, but not least…bring patience.  You never know when your flight may be delayed or canceled…or you may have to deal with another traveler or gate agent who is not having a good day.  Keep cool, keep calm and just fly on.  Trust me, I have blown my top several times when dealing with travel issues, and it has gotten me nowhere.  When you are cool and collected, things seem to happen and soon you will be on your way to your next great adventure.

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