27 Jun

More Cancellations – The Summer Travel Jam

More than 700 flights cancelled just Sunday – according to FlightAware – More than 2,000 the weekend prior, and June looks like it will be one of the most frustrating ones for vacationers and business travelers.


  • Everyone wants to travel! Now that restrictions have been mostly lifted for domestic and international travel, we all want to make up for the past two years of wonderlust. Just check out your Facebook feed…you either see all your friends traveling to Europe or you are posting pictures yourself at either Granada or the side streets of Manchester. Flight prices be dammed, you are going. Oh, and you are not worried about paying almost 40% on flights as you did last year.
  • There is a pilot shortage…but airlines are only cutting some flights. Pilots are not happy, and even have called for an investigation. Maybe it is time for you to become a pilot…if you are looking for a gig.
  • The weather. There is always a summer storm that brews up…and throughs a wrench in the airlines network.
  • Having all three of the above happen at the same time…summer issues x3

What can you do?

If you have not bought your flights

  • Buy your flihgts now. Price continue to rise for travel through August 2022
  • If you are flexible, travel in October and November…when there is less vacationers out there. Remember to travel when nobody wants…Tuesdays through Thursdays. See if flights are cheaper at breakfast, lunch or dinner (most business travelers want to leave on the first flight out, 5 p.m. or on the last flight).
  • If you bought your tickets and are ready to go next week…
  • Your likelihood of your flight being cancelled is high. Make sure you know the full schedule to your destination before you leave. That means to check if there are earlier or later flights
  • If you are flying direct, check out the alternative routes (one- or two-stops).
  • Make sure you have your airline’s app on your phone/tablet. It will be easier to rebook through their app than in person or even on the phone.
  • Pack patience. Trust me…you will need it.

Now, #GoFlyMore!

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