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Cheap Flights | London, England

London Flights

The question is not what can one do in London, but what one cannot do. As a leading global city, Great Britain’s capital has everything one looks for in a city. It is not like any other that one can find full of galleries, museums, theaters, landmarks, history, and royalty. It is a combination of old and new, diverse in all sectors of life, and a place one must visit for multiple days.

Historical Buildings

The Tower of London is a historic castle on the river and built around 1078 onto 1399. It served as a royal residence, a prison, and armory for the crown jewels and was in use as such until the 1950s. Westminster Abbey was built in 1245, serving as a site of worship, wedding and coronations to the monarchy, and cemetery to notable English figures, royal and commoner. As the church responsible directly to the Queen, it lies a block from The Palace of Westminster, the home to the UK’s Parliament, the heart of British politics. This includes the famous clock tower known as Big Ben and lies along the River Thames. Buckingham Palace is the home to the monarchy and the center of many British celebrations, symbolizing Great Britain to the world.

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Established in 1753, the British Museum hosts pieces of architecture and art with some 8 million of it inside. Nearly 7 million visitors a year visit the 94 galleries the building occupies. The National Gallery Of British Art and Tate Modern hosts all of the country’s collection of art, past and contemporary. The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Natural History Museum, and Natural Portrait Gallery also add to the collection of arts in the city. In addition, there are museums regarding the country’s involvement in war, most notably in World War II; the Imperial War Museum and the Churchill War Rooms are an incredible experience into Britain’s past with conflicts.


England is the home to Shakespeare. The counterpart to New York’s Broadway is the West End, which host dozens of theaters showing multiple plays and musicals starring some of the biggest names in acting. For almost 200 years, The Old Vic has been the center for many productions and starting the careers of legendary actors; The Royal National Theatre is one of the most prominent public funded venues for productions. Then, there is Royal Albert Hall, which is not public funded at all, that hosts concerts and dances within its incredible architecture.

More Things to See 

The London Eye and The Shard gives people the best bird’s eye view of London into the distance. Trafalgar Square is connected to everything in the center of the city and Tower Bridge goes across the River Thames with an incredible viewing over it. Wimbledon is the host of the world’s most famous tennis tournament and Hyde Park is one of many public parks in London for people to stroll in with its large trees and ponds and close proximity to Kensington Palace, another residence for the monarchy.

The list goes on and on to what can be done, what is to be seen, and where to go in the city using the famous London Underground to get from one corner to the next. London is full of life and every neighborhood has a story. Truly, the city is all that life can afford.

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