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Finding a Cheap Flight to Las Vegas is Easy and Fast

Since Vegas is one of the most popular destinations in the world, finding a cheap flight is easy because of the amount of airlines flying to McCarran International Airport (LAS).  To get the best deal, try flying in on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  Fly out one of those days, or Saturday or Sunday morning.

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What to do in Las Vegas

Vegas Baby!  From casinos, fantastic hotels, shows, entertainment and food of every kind, to even more shows and even more food, Las Vegas is one of the most famous tourist destinations for every global traveler.

Really, why go to Las Vegas?

Tradeshows: The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) attracts more than 165,000 visitors per year in early January, but with more that 400 other corporate events, you have probably visited, worked and partied in Sin City.

Weddings and Honeymoons:  From the all-out event, to the simplest ceremony, Vegas just attracts couples to say I do.  Have Elvis (impersonator) marry you, get hitched in the middle of the Bellagio Hotel, or just in a chapel, your choices are endless.  And as for the trip after the wedding, you don’t have to worry…you are there.

Gambling:  They do not call it lost wages for nothing.  You can find all kinds of gambling games in every corner of the city.  From the moment you get off the plane, to a casino with every theme imaginable, chances are you will put down a few bucks to test Lady Luck.  Good Luck!

Sport Events:  If sitting ringside at a Vegas boxing match is not in your bucket list, how about MMA, or a UNLV Basketball or Football game?  How about some NASCAR? Las Vegas does not currently have an NBA, NFL, MLB or MLS team, so car racing is the only pro sport you may see there on a regular basis.  But, you can place a bet on anything playing.

Guys Getaway or a Girls Getaway:  Bachelor or bachelorette parties, hanging out with the boys, girls weekend, or a class reunion, you got everything you want to have an awesome time.

Party:  So if you do not consider the events above a full-on-party, you can up your level at one of the famous Pool Parties at one of the hotels, dance all night to the latest DJs, or have the largest pub or bar crawl ever.  Remember, drink plenty of water.  Drinks are cheap, and it is in the middle of the dessert, so the weather is extra dry.

Shows and concerts:  Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack might have started a thing after all.  Come see folks like Brittany Spears, Garth Brooks, Sting, Wayne Newton and every other great act you can think of…they will probably play Vegas during their tour.  And did we mention the Show Girls, or Pen and Teller’s Magic Show, or animals, or pirates, or dancing water.  How about Cirque du Solei?  If you get bored in Vegas, contact us and we will recommend something that will not bore your mind.


Billy Sanez

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