21 Feb

Free Food In Coach: Like it is 1999

Are we flying back to 1999?

Well, food is coming back to coach…at least on some 12 markets served by Delta. Starting March 1, passengers traveling on coach between New York to Los Angles and San Francisco will get a free meal. The service will be included for all traveling in economy, even for passengers who are flying on Economy Basic fares (those new ultra-cheap tickets.)

Later next month, an additional 10 routes will also receive the complementary service.


So, is this a major shift?

In highly competitive and lucrative markets, airlines try to one-up each other to convince travelers to choose them.  Delta said in a press release that after a testing free meals, “the airline closely monitored customer satisfaction scores to determine the impact on the in-flight experience and saw a significant increase as a result of the test.”  Well, would you not like someone that gives you a free lunch?


Will airlines like American and United match the offering?

Other airlines will match, and soon.  In the past year American and United have added more “free snacks” to some key routes, but with this move, we predict that major carriers will start dishing out food soon in coach.


Will we all get at least a free bite every time we fly?

Not yet.  The free stuff will first show up in competitive routes, and flights that are over 2.5 hours.  If the new program starts driving more customers to one airline, watch for free food in all flights…but for now, here are the flights that will get a breakfast plate, cheese plate or a wrap from Delta.




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