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Deal Zones Cheap Flight Days and Cheap Flights

What are Deal Zones and Cheap Flight Days?

There are usually three Cheap Flight Dates every year. Those are the days that mark the beginning of the Deal Zones.  You should fly on Cheap Flight Day or later in the Deal Zone to get the best potential savings on your flight.  It is not about buying, it is about the day you fly out.

 If you want to know which actual days are the cheapest of the year to start flying check this list out:

January Cheap Flight Day

January 4 2017. If you want to fly at the beginning of the year, fly on or after January 4 through February 28. Historically, flight prices drop from 15-30% since most people who live in the northern hemisphere are not on vacation, and business travel slows down. The only destinations where you may not find the cheapest prices are:

  • Las Vegas January 4-8th. The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is the largest tradeshow in the world. Since people are flying from all over the world, fares are high…and hotels rates jump to some of the highest of the year.
  • Southern Hemisphere, particularly Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Chile and Brazil. Folks in those countries are on vacation, and they are all flying off on their holiday trip.
  • Any Ski Destination, except for Denver.

Early November

October 31, 2017 and early November. If things hold as in the past, you will get some spooky savings starting on Halloween through the first two weeks of November. Once people start traveling for Thanksgiving, the airlines start jacking up fares, and smile all the way to the bank. Fly those two week, celebrate Turkey Day earlier and save up to 40%

Early December

December – post Thanksgiving and Black Friday. That time when, again, nobody wants to fly because they are getting ready for the Holidays. Take some vacation, and enjoy great fares across the US and for international travel after the Thanksgiving madhouse and the Holiday rush. Not only will flights be cheap, but hotels will be less than usual.

Time your vacation just right, and you could save a bundle.  Spend that bundle on your next trip, and #GoFlyMore

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