COVID-19: How to Reach Your Airline to Cancel Travel

22 Mar

COVID-19: How to Reach Your Airline to Cancel Travel

With cancelations, delays and flight interruptions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19), the vast majority of airlines have set up specific sections of their website to help travelers get information, cancel travel and get refunds or credits.

Here is what we advice you to do if you have to cancel and get a refund:

  1. If you bought the ticket directly from the airline through their site or their app:
    1. Look up your reservation online (we recommend using your computer for ease of use). If you do not have access, try their app first and, as a third option, use your phone’s browser to log on to the website.
    2. Most airlines are being proactive and will give you an option to quickly request a refund or credit
    3. We suggest that you get a refund if available. Most airlines are offering no-fee changes or a credit for future flight. If you cannot get your money back, get a future credit.
  2. If you cannot get your refund online, go with the following steps
    1. If you bought your ticket directly through the airline, and their online options did not work, call your airline. Remember to be pertinent. All of their reservation agents are focused on getting people rebooked, refunded and answering their questions. Like you, they are a little stressed, so be nice and we bet things will go well.
    2. If you bought your ticket through an online travel agent like Expedia, Travelocity, or similar:
      1. Go to their site and try to get a refund
      2. If you cannot access your reservation, call them. Also be pertinent… it may take a bit, but they will help you navigate the refunds or credits.

Airline Phone Numbers

AirlinePhone Number
Air Canada+1-888-247-2262
Air France / KLM+1-800-237-2747
Alaska Airlines+1-800-654-5669
Allegiant Air+1-702-505-8888
American Airlines+1-800-433-7300
ANA (All Nippon Airways)+1-800-235-9262
British Airways+1-800-247-9297
Cathay Pacific+1-800-233-2742
Delta Air Lines+1-800-221-1212
El Al+1-800-223-6700
Emirates Airline+1-800-777-3999
Etihad Airways+1-877-690-0767
Frontier Airlines+1-800-401-9000
Hawaiian Airlines+1-877-426-4537
Japan Airlines+1-800-525-3663
JetBlue Airways+1-800-538-2583
Korean Air+1-800-438-5000
Singapore Airlines+1-800-742-3333
Southwest Airlines+1-800-435-9792
Spirit Airlines+1-801-401-2222
United Airlines+1-800-864-8331
Virgin Atlantic Airways+1-800-862-8621

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