18 Dec

Airlines Gain From Bag Fees

More From Bag Fees

Over the past 10 years, airlines in the U.S. have been filling their stockings with check bag fees.  Increase in bag fee revenue, according the the Bureau of Transportation Statistics has been over 978% in the past decade.

Simply put, airlines in the US declared $336 million in 2005, mostly from overweight or additional bags in 2005.  Last year, they tallied up $3.3 billion…not bad for them, but a bit too much for the traveler.


How Much Will You Pay…On Average

We looked at every major airline’s boarded passenger for the first half of 2016, and their revenue from bag fees and did some calculations.  We found that Frontier Airlines lead the charge with $25.83 per traveler, and the belle of the ball is Southwest Airlines with the lowest average per passenger charge of only $0.30 (and still making plenty of profits).


Just about every airline claims that they must “unbundle” services to give passengers the best price possible and still be profitable.  But with demand still strong in most markets, a strong dollar and low fuel charges, does it still make sense?  Others ask why can Southwest, usually very competitive in price, can sustain not charging and still meet customers and analysts expectations.  (because they have used it as a differentiator).

Check Out Our Infographic

We put all the stats in a neat infographic posted below.  Check out what your favorite airline is charging per passenger on average, so you can plan better and understand all the costs that are involved on your next flight.

The more you know, the more you can save.  So let’s save so we can #GoFlyMore.

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