21 Mar

2017 Spring Fares

Spring Traveler’s Rejoice

Airlines for America, an airline trade association, released yesterday a new study that shows traffic for this Spring in the US will increase by 4%, with 5.4 million more travelers taking to the skies.

Also, fares this year are 5.2% less than last year, so this, along with the airlines adding 110,000 seats per day, could spell great prices on airline tickets.  Why? Because, according to Airlines for America, current demand could be met with only 89,000 seats, and when there are more seats than demand, prices usually fall.

If You Have Not Bought Your Ticket Yet

You have not yet finalized your Spring and early Summer trips?  Here is what to do to try to nab the best fare:

  1. Book 14-days in advance.
  2. Fly at least one of your segments on Monday mid-day, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday to find the best fares.
  3. Compare fares, and check fees associated (bags, check-in, boarding, seat assignments)
  4. Look for alternative airports in cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Miami (Ft. Lauderdale)


It is a great time to fly, so hurry, compare and #GoFlyMore!

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